Thursday, March 22, 2012

ICJ News

ICJThe International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued two press releases today regarding upcoming public hearings.

The first press release relates to the Frontier Dispute between Burkina Faso and Niger.  The Court will hold public hearings in that case between October 8-17, 2012.  The ICJ has jurisdiction in this matter pursuant to a Special Agreement between the parties.

The second press release states that the ICJ will hold public hearings in the Martime Dispute between Peru and Chile from December 3 to December 14, 2012.  Peru initiated this matter in January 2008 by filing a complaint against Chile regarding the delimitation of the boundary between the maritime zones of the two States in the Pacific Ocean.  Peru has invoked Article XXXI of the Pact of Bogotá of 30 April 1948 as the basis for jurisdiction.


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