Monday, December 19, 2011

WTO Approves New Members

WTOOver the weekend, the World Trade Organization (WTO) approved the terms of entry for two new members: Montenegro and Samoa.  Samoa will have until 15 June 2012 to ratify its accession package and Montenegro will have until 31 March 2012.  Both countries will become full members of the WTO 30 days after they notify ratification of their respective accession packages to the organization. 

Russia's membership in the WTO was approved last Friday, Dec. 16. Russia now has 220 days to ratify the accession package and will become a full member 30 days after that event.

There are currently 153 members of the WTO, so these three countries will bring the membership to 157.  For more information regarding Montenegro and Serbia's accession to the WTO, visit the WTO website here.


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