Monday, September 27, 2010

United Kingdom Calls for Radical Overhaul of the United Nations

United Nations Flag The United Kingdom called for a radical overhaul of the United Nations including enlarging the Security Council to make up for the failure to fully face new challenges posed by a global map that has radically changed since the world body was founded 65 years ago.

“We are not doing anything like as well as we must,” Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told the General Assembly on the second day of its annual session, citing the three “three profound challenges” of a redrawn map of power, the globalization of problems like terrorism and climate change and the rapid circulation and potency of new ideas.  Click here to read his statement.

Reform is essential, he said, “and a good place to start is right here – the United Nations. The UN Security Council must be reformed to reflect the new geography of power. The UK is clear and unambiguous in our support for permanent seats for Brazil, India, Germany and Japan, and for African representation. Put simply, the UN cannot speak for the many if it only hears the voices of the few…

“Let us be frank. Without a radical overhaul, the UN will not provide the leadership the world seeks from it, and needs from it.”

(from a UN Press Release)

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