Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New International Criminal Law Search Tool Available

ICC Flag According to a press release from the International Criminal Court, a new search engine is now available, focusing on the work of the ICC, the ad hoc international criminal tribunals, and international criminal law at the national and transnational level.

The ICC Legal Tools Project (www.legal-tools.org) is a project of the ICC Office of the Prosecutor to develop a comprehensive, indexed, and easily-searchable database of primary and secondary source material in international (and internationalized) criminal law.  This announcement marks the second generation of the Legal Tools project, which contains a robust amount of caselaw, statutory information, and commentary.

Institutional interest disclaimer - Two teams of WU Law students are among the corps of students and young lawyers doing the "grunt work" on this project.  I'm receiving -- and WU is receiving -- no consideration for this shameless plug.  All the same, I do think this is a neat and useful resource.



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