Sunday, September 28, 2008

John F. Kennedy Conference at University of North Dakota

Yesterday, the interdisciplinary conference "John F. Kennedy: History, Memory, Legacy", at the University of North Dakota wrapped up.  It was a great conference largely due to the amazing energy and organizing efforts of Professor Greg Gordon at UND.  Ted Sorenson shared insights from his time as special counsel to President Kennedy and Richard Reeves shared his perspectives as Kennedy's biographer. One of the panels dealt with international treaties negotiated and signed during President Kennedy's time in office.  Professor David Tal from Emory University gave an insightful presentation on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.  Professor Marjorie Florestal from University of the Pacific drew some very interesting comparisons between trade negotiations and interest group pressures in Kennedy's time and the Doha Round today.  Professor Cindy Buys from Southern Illinois University spoke about the Kennedy Administration's contributions to the law of consular relations and the continuing difficulties the United States has with respect to implementing consular notification rights.  Look for all these papers on SSRN and in other venues in the near future.  On a teaching note, we viewed the very intense and moving film, "Thirteen Days," a reference to the Cuban missile crisis.  The movie has some rich material for classroom discussion, including an oral international agreement between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. regarding the removal of missiles from Turkey.


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