Sunday, September 28, 2008

Canadian Legal Research on Westlaw

CanadaU.S. lawyers and law students don't know enough about doing legal research with Canadian sources.  They do know how to use Westlaw though.  So, here are some databases for Canadian law to share with your moot court teams and others who are interested in improving foreign legal research skills.  (This isn't a comprehensive list of the sources available, but it will give you a good start.)

CAN-ALLCASES -- Full text of decisions from Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial courts.

CANST-ALL -- Federal, provincial, and territorial statutes in force, and recently enacted legislation not yet in force.

CANST-RULES-ALL -- All Canadian statutes and rules

CANFED-REG -- Canadian Federal Regulations

TP-CANADA -- Texts and periodicals from Canada, including Canadian law reviews, texts, and bar journals

CANADANEWS -- The Canada News database with information from newspapers, magazines, journals, and wire services.


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