Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are You Going to Hire a Research Assistant This Year?

If you have a research assistant, you might want to have them download this article on "Should You Be A Faculty Research Assistant?"  (Don't just give them a copy of the article -- give them the link instead to teach them how to use SSRN as a research tool!)  The article explains to law students (1) why they should want to be a faculty research assistant, (2) how to go about finding a job as a faculty research assistant, and (3) how to be a good faculty research assistant.

If you are in the market to hire a faculty research assistant, I think you should ask those applying for the job to download the article as well.  In your job interviews, ask them for their views on how they can be an effective research assistant for you.  You will quickly separate those who are taking the job just as a resume builder from those who recognize the job as a serious opportunity.

If the students have not previously used SSRN for research, they might need to register their email address.  I think teaching SSRN to students is a valuable supplement to other electronic and print research sources students are learning to use.

And as we are here on the International Law Prof Blog (with lots of readers from around the world), I wonder if some of you might post comments about how research assistants are utilized in your home counties.  Better yet, have your research assistants post a comment!


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