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Global Legal Skills Conference IV - Georgetown University Law Center

As the guy who started the Global Legal Skills Conference, it is a special honor to pass along the call for papers for GLS-IV, to be held at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.   We know that this is going to be a solid conference.  Substantive.  Focused.  Well worth the time to attend.  One you won't want to miss.  One that wil deepen your understanding, interest, and level of skill.  Craig Hoffman (who just published a new book on the subject) is the primary host for the event, assisted by Peter Cramer and many other helpers (probably something close to the number who helped in Beijing).

Here's the announcement:

Call for Papers 

Global Legal Skills IV

June 3 to June 5, 2009

Georgetown University Law Center

Washington, DC USA

Building on the successes of the previous Global Legal Skills Conferences, Georgetown University Law Center is inviting submissions for Global Legal Skills IV. 

The conference will be held over two days on the campus of Georgetown University Law Center – steps from the U.S. Capitol and all of the attractions of the National Mall.  We invite submissions from both legal academics and lawyers from practice.  We would like to encourage submitters to address the following three Core Questions; however, we will also entertain submissions on other topics related to Global Legal Skills.

I.   What skills do lawyers need to effectively function in a global marketplace?  Possible topics could include:

·        Responding to cross-cultural factors in alternative dispute resolution

·        Understanding diverse legal cultures

·        Building awareness of other legal systems.

II.   How can law schools adjust teaching methods and curricula to accommodate the needs of the global legal marketplace?  Possible topics could include:

·        Designing effective distance learning modules

·        Defining the boundaries of “Legal English”

·        Developing the components of a Global Core Curriculum.

III.  What is the proper role of “global law firms” in the education and re-education of practicing lawyers?  Possible topics could include:

·        Managing CLE Programs

·        Creating effective in-house training programs

·        Contributing to the LL.M. Programs of the future.

Guidelines for Submissions


We encourage submissions in a variety of formats.  Presenters may propose panels of their own, or we may group Individual Presenters in similarly-themed sessions. 

Panel Presentations:   One hour

  1. Names and affiliations of panel members
  2. Proposed title
  3. Abstract of between 200 and 1000 words

Individual Presentations:  30 minutes or 15 minutes       

  1. Name and affiliation of speaker
  2. Proposed title
  3. Abstract of between 200 and 1000 words

Topic Discussions

            We also intend to provide forums for Topic Discussions.  Topic Discussions will be informal gatherings at one-hour intervals throughout the Conference.  One Presenter will be appointed to be the Chair of the Topic Discussion; the Chair will moderate the discussion among the participants.  Participants in Topic Discussions will submit proposals for their contributions to these Topic Discussions.  We will be adding Topics as they are suggested by submitters.  Currently, we have four Topics for which we would like to solicit submissions: 

·        What is Legal English?

·        What Teaching Methods Are Most Effective for Teaching Legal Writing to Foreign LL.M.s?

·        What is the Role of Foreign Exchange Programs in Legal Education?

·        What are the Possible Directions for Scholarship in the Field of Legal English?

Topic Discussions:  Various Lengths

  1. Name and affiliation of speaker
  2. Proposed title
  3. Abstract of between 200 and 1000 words

All submissions should be made no later than November 15, 2008.  Send submissions by email to Craig Hoffman, Professor of United States Legal Discourse and Director, Center for Global Legal Skills, Georgetown University Law Center.  Click here to send an email to Craig Hoffman.

Click here for information about the first Global Legal Skills Conference, held at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

Click here for information about the second Global Legal Skills Conference, also held at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

In addition to Global Legal Skills IV at Georgetown, save the date for GLS-V, once again at the Facultad Libre de Derecho in Monterrey, Mexico.  That will be February 25-27, 2010.

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