Monday, May 26, 2008

WTO: Report on Negotiations on International Trade in Services (including Legal Services)

Logos_2 The Chair of the WTO Council for Trade in Services issued a report on May 26, 2008 on the elements needed to complete the services negotiations in the Doha Round.  The report includes a draft services text for possible adoption by WTO members.  Legal services are included in one of the areas in which countries will be encouraged to liberalize services.  Click here for a short summary from the WTO, the text of the report, and the annex with the draft language for the resolution.

The same link also includes a sidebar with a useful breakdown that you might find useful for your teaching notes for lectures next year.  The sidebar explains the four modes of providing services internationally:

  • Mode 1: services supplied from one country to another, such as international telephone calls ("cross-border supply");
  • Mode 2: consumers or firms making use of a service in another country, such as tourism ("consumption abroad");
  • Mode 3: a foreign company setting up subsidiaries or branches to provide services in another country ("commercial presence"); and
  • Mode 4: individuals traveling from their own country to provide services in another, such as fashion modeling or consulting ("presence of natural persons").


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