Saturday, June 15, 2024

TRAC: New Immigration Court Cases Dropping

TRAC Immigration reports that the latest case-by-case Immigration Court records through the end of May 2024 reveal that the pace of incoming cases has substantially dropped since last December, and since then has continued to decline more modestly. These data do not yet reflect the impact of President Biden’s June 4, 2024 proclamation severely restricting entry for those seeking asylum, which is likely to reduce the volume of new Court cases.

At the same time, Immigration Court case completions continue to rise, reaching 83,904 in May. However, the number of completions were still far below incoming cases in May which totaled 147,280. The situation could quickly change if these new border policies remain in effect, despite new litigation, and are effective at severely restricting immigrants allowed into the country.

Figure 1. New Immigration Court Cases Received During The Last 18 Months Through May 31, 2024
Figure 2. Immigration Court Cases Completed During The Last 18 Months Through May 31, 2024

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