Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Some Scientific and Economic Costs of the Immigration Act of 1924

President Calvin Coolidge signs Immigration Act of 1924 into Law

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As we have been blogging, there is lots of chatter on the 100th anniversary of the Immigration Act of 1924, with its discriminatory national origins system.  Zeke Hernandez on The Hill identifies two other aspects of the Act:

"One is the self-harm the restrictions caused to America: significant job losses, obliterating innovation by American scientists and companies, lowering investment across our communities and giving rise to the border problems we still experience to this day.

The second thing we’re overlooking is that we face the real risk of repeating the same blunder. Forces identical to those that led to the 1924 law are at play. 

Trump and his allies are dominating the headlines and winning the rhetorical battle with the hyperbolic message that immigrants are villains who threaten our economy, culture and security. Like 100 years ago, they claim that mass exclusion is essential to save America. President Biden — like most people — seems confused about how to respond."



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