Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Report on Operation Lone Star

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and ACLU Analytics published a report today that concludes that Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s state immigration enforcement program, Operation Lone Star (OLS), has failed its mission.

The report titled Operation Lone Star: Misinformation and Discrimination in Texas Border Enforcement analyzes arrest data from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and court data.

Findings include:

  • OLS demonstrates racial profiling and unconstitutional policing. Arrest rates for trespassing were significantly higher for Latine people. 96.6% of arrests for alleged trespassing were Latine people.
  • OLS has primarily arrested people accused of low-level offenses like trespassing rather than drug-related offenses, human smuggling, or weapon charges. Nearly 70% of court appearances only had misdemeanor charges.
  • OLS has overwhelmingly prosecuted U.S. citizens and nationals rather than migrants for drug-related offenses, human smuggling, and weapon charges. U.S. citizens and nationals accounted for approximately 75% of all court proceedings for these offenses.
  • OLS has expanded far beyond the border. 13,600 arrests occurred in non-border counties, oftentimes hundreds of miles from the nearest port of entry.
  • The government’s data about OLS is inconsistent across state agencies. In these data sets, there were 38,030 arrests reported by DPS but only 13,306 people appeared before a magistrate as reported by OCA.

Click here to download a video statement from Sarah Cruz.


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