Sunday, April 21, 2024

LA Times Opinion Piece by Talia Inlender

Don't miss the powerful LA Times Opinion Piece by Talia Inlender: The immigration system can bend toward justice. One Orange County man’s case shows how.

The Opinion piece discusses the right to counsel Franco litigation and establishment of the National Qualified Representative Program.

Inlender writes:

The next positive changes may be harder to win in the courtroom, and almost certainly won’t come from the halls of this Congress. But the Biden administration has the power to make good on its promise of a more humane immigration system, including by extending the National Qualified Representative Program to other groups, among them children and families. No court order or act of Congress is required to do so, just political will. And, of course, dollars: Diverting from the nearly $3 billion spent annually on immigration detention is a good place to start.


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