Friday, April 19, 2024

Dubious claims about voting flyers at a migrant camp



Election season shenanigans?   The Associated Press reports on the latest.  "A humanitarian organization in northeastern Mexico said it did not create flyers urging migrants to vote for President Joe Biden that were filmed at its shelter in a viral video that sparked a firestorm of conservative outrage this week."

Resource Center Matamoros allegedly was encouraging noncitizens to vote.  Social media posts displayed Spanish-language flyers instructing migrants to vote illegally for Biden once they arrived in the United States. It is not clear who created or posted the flyers. Videos showed them at the center’s shelter near the U.S./Mexico’s border.


Resource Center Matamoros founder Gaby Zavala told The Associated Press the organization doesn’t know who made the flyers and said her group “does not encourage immigrants to register to vote or cast ballots in the U.S.”

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