Thursday, February 29, 2024

Biden and Trump Visit U.S./Mexico Border Today

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It is an election year and we can expect candidates shown posing at the U.S./Mexico border (but rarely, if ever, on the northern border).  Expect the national news this evening to have an immigration "crisis" feature. 

The Associated Press reports that President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump today will both visit the U.S-Mexico border.  The candidates no doubt will seek to make political hay out of the current migration issues at the border.

Biden will travel to the Rio Grande Valley. He will meet border agents and discuss the need for immigration reform.

Trump l heads to Eagle Pass, Texas, another pace of migration activity.  Expect a fiery speech on immigration.

Stay tuned!
UPDATE MARCH 1:  Here is a summary (and here) of the political machinations on the border visits of the two presidential frontrunners.

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