Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Government Accountability Project Sends Letter to Congress Detailing Whistleblower Disclosures on Inadequate Medical Care in CBP Facilities

Last week the Government Accountability Project wrote to Congress detailing the disclosures of their client, Troy Hendrickson, regarding performance failures by a medical contractor in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention and holding facilities.

The complaint has been covered in several media outlets. An article in the Washington Post highlights the whistleblower of the CBP veteran who was reassigned "after raising concerns about the track record of medical contractor Loyal Source Government Services." Among other issues, the concerns raised by Mr. Hendrickson included staffing deficiencies and employees that lacked proper training and licenses. As Forbes has also reported, an eight year old died earlier this year in CBP custody.

The ACLU has also written letters to DHS and Congress on this issue. A copy of those letters are available here and here.

As the ACLU explains in the letters:

Advocates and government oversight agencies have long raised repeated concerns regarding the mistreatment of people in CBP custody. People detained by CBP, including children, have died and sustained serious injury due to medical neglect and failed internal oversight.




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