Wednesday, December 6, 2023

"Ending Asylum as We Know It"? Aid to Ukraine and Israel at Risk


Congress reportedly has moved to the right on immigration.  The latest kerfuffle in the U.S. Capitol could have dramatic changes on asylum law.  A congressional stalemate -- with immigration enforcement at the center -- has been on the horizon for weeks.  NBC News reports on the collapse of Senate immigration negotiations is threatening to derail proposed U.S. aid to Israel and Ukraine.  Republicans have vowed to filibuster the aid package unless Democrats agree to tighten U.S. asylum and parole laws. Negotiations on a deal have faltered amid deep disagreements.

According to NBC News, a Democratic aide said their negotiators have offered proposals to expedite and streamline processing of asylum claims and put on the table changes to the "credible fear" standard for the screening of asylum claims. The aide added that Republicans are demanding "extreme policies" that would "end asylum as we know it" and create "expansive powers to shut down the border."

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