Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Trump’s Immigration Plan Is a New Level of Extreme. It Also Gives Biden an Opportunity to Do Better.


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Isabel Dias for Mother Jones reviews the draconian immigration policies advocated by Donald Trump in his campaign to return to the White House.  She poses the question:  "Will Trump and [Stephen] Miller’s anti-immigration agenda . . . create an opening for the Biden campaign to take the offensive on this issue?"  Time will tell as the campaign continues.



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Did you know that there is a Hamas organization in the United States already? https://extremism.gwu.edu/sites/g/files/zaxdzs5746/files/2023-10/the-hamas-network-in-america.pdf

A Hamas terrorist attack here that duplicates what they did in Israel could become the focal point of the debate over border security and produce strong support for Trump's policies.

Posted by: Nolan Rappaport | Nov 21, 2023 9:57:35 AM

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