Tuesday, September 12, 2023

From The Bookshelves: Border Crossings by Mohammad Chowdhury


Border Crossings: My Journey as a Western Muslim is a 2021 memoir by Mohammad Chowdhury, an "Australian author born in the UK and with family roots in Bangladesh."
Here's the publisher's pitch on his book:

Whether negotiating the mind-games of the Israeli intelligence services or performing ablutions in a London bathroom, Mohammad Chowdhury’s life as a British Muslim travelling the world brings daily challenges. Border Crossings is the story of Chowdhury’s journey, gripping in some parts and shame-inducing in others, as he describes a lifelong struggle to reconcile the British, Asian and Muslim sides of his identity, constantly dealing with the mistrust of Westerners alongside the hypocrisies of his own community and their misunderstanding of Islam.

Chowdhury's story echoes the experience of thousands of Western Muslims who since 9/11 have been subjected to a constant barrage of questions that cast doubt over the very goodness of their faith. It is the story of a man who cries when England win the Ashes, yet still finds himself screaming in the face of racism and religious bigotry. This timely book powerfully rejects the poisonous narrative that Muslims can no longer be trusted as honest citizens of the West.

The Sydney Morning Herald called the book a "tale that is cosmopolitan yet down to earth, poignant yet comic, and above all, humane."



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