Tuesday, September 26, 2023

After Lull, Asylum-Seekers Adapt to US Immigration Changes

Photo of US/Mexico Border Plaque courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Associated Press reports on the claims that U.S. border officers "have become overwhelmed in recent days by asylum-seekers on parts of the U.S. border with Mexico. . . . After a dip in illegal crossings that followed new asylum restrictions in May, President Joe Biden's administration is again on its heels. Democratic mayors and governors are seeking more relief for hosting asylum-seekers, and Republicans are seizing on the issue ahead of 2024 elections."

The Biden administration is sending 800 troops to the border, adding to the 2,500 National Guard members there. It is expanding border holding facilities.

According to the UPI, "Mexico will deport certain migrants from some of its northern border cities as part of an agreement with U.S. immigration officials who have reported a sharp increase of migrants attempting to cross the border in recent weeks, according to Mexico's immigration enforcement authority."



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