Sunday, September 17, 2023

A journey continues: migrants reflect one year after being flown to Martha's Vineyard

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The human story behind migration often gets lost in the headlines.  A year ago, 49 migrants arrived at Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. They arrived on a plane chartered led by Republican-led states to protest the Biden administration's border policies. One of the migrants, Carlos Luzardo reflects on the last year of his life, what led him to migrate to the U.S. and what's next in his journey.  Here is part of the story:

"Carlos Luzardo . . . worked seven years as a barber after moving to Colombia from his native Venezuela. After living through a political crisis and then economic upheaval, he sold his business and decided to migrate to the U.S.

`It was a difficult decision,' he said earlier this month, speaking through an interpreter.

In the last year, the stocky, gregarious 25-year-old has been slowly building a new client base in the kitchen of his apartment in a Boston suburb. To earn more money, he works in a salon washing hair, waxing eyebrows, and simply talking with people. `I spend an hour with them, fixing them up. And just like that, they find me endearing. I’m not sure why,' he added with a smile."


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