Wednesday, August 30, 2023

At the Movies: Safe?


Safe? from Lynn Marcus on Vimeo.

Marcus, Lynn

Lynn Marcus of Arizona Law recently shared a 21-minute documentary about a U of A Immigration Law Clinic case that lasted almost 19 years. Here's the link to "Safe?"  and a brief description of the story:

"Seventeen years after fleeing Guatemala as teenagers, a young couple has finally obtained visas that should lead to permanent residence. But misdemeanors in the husband’s past and increasingly restrictive immigration policies cast a pall over the future. Will evidence of good character and his family’s needs be enough to convince officials to let the husband stay with his wife and children in the U.S? 

The case involves U visa applicants applying for adjustment of status. The video is intended to personalize issues in the immigration system such as the use of prosecutorial discretion and to illustrate the harm that by policies that limit or eliminate favorable exercises of discretion for individuals with a criminal record can cause. You may find it raises other topics to discuss with students, such as the importance, to advocates, of developing good working relationships with the government's attorneys."


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