Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Representatives Salazar, Escobar to propose comprehensive immigration bill

Representative Maria Elvira Salazar

Official House Photo

Official House Photo

Two Latinas in Congress are trying to make immigration reform a reality. Roll Call reports that:

"Florida Republican Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar and Texas Democrat Rep. Veronica Escobar have teamed up on a sprawling immigration bill that aims to revamp asylum processing, slash visa backlogs and provide a path to legal status for millions of undocumented immigrants.

The nearly 500-page bill, set to be announced [today], represents a rare bipartisan effort on immigration, a topic that has become a political wedge issue and source of stalemate in Congress for decades. And it includes proposals that incorporate elements from earlier, narrower bipartisan immigration bills."

Stay tuned for details.


UPDATE:  Here is a press release and link to a summary of the proposed legislation, which is named the Dignity Act of 2023. This article in the Hill discusses the proposed legislation.


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