Saturday, May 20, 2023

Florida’s new immigration law prompts LULAC travel advisory


Florida has been in the news with the Governor's signing of a new immigration enforcement law.  CNN reports that a Latino advocacy group has issued a travel advisory urging people to avoid traveling to Florida ahead of a new immigration law set to go into effect in July. Governor Ron DeSantis signed the law last week requiring employers with more than 25 employees to check their immigration status using a federal database known as E-Verify. The law also invalidates out-of-state identification cards, such as driver’s licenses, issued to undocumented immigrants and prevents Florida-based agencies from issuing new cards. People who transport undocumented people living in the United States could face steep fines and possible imprisonment.

Domingo Garcia, president of the Latino advocacy group League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), called the new immigration law “hostile and dangerous.”


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This is great news for the people of Florida.

Posted by: Territorial io | May 23, 2023 5:34:50 AM

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