Saturday, April 1, 2023

Undocumented California flood victims raise alarms about discrimination based on immigration status


Flooding in parts of California has been in the news after a long and rainy winter.  The San Jose Mercury News reports on one community, not far from the resort town of Monterey, that has been devastated by the floods.  Last Thursday,

"[d]ozens of angry flood victims marched . . . to demand respect and dignity for the storm-ravaged town’s about 3,000 inhabitants, raising alarms about alleged government discrimination — based on immigration status — against people seeking aid, and demanding that all those suffering be treated equally.

Since torrents of water and contaminated mud decimated the town of primarily agricultural and blue-collar workers, flood victims have been able to return to their homes and begin the arduous journey of rebuilding. But for many who showed up [for the march], the current means-tested aid available only to some — with others being turned away at shelters and aid lines, or filling out endless forms applying for assistance that hasn’t come — highlights systemic discrimination against undocumented residents of the agricultural community."


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