Thursday, March 30, 2023

LA Times Op Ed by Karen Musalo and Audrey Macklin: Now Trump’s Cruel Border Policy Is Spreading in Canada

image from Audreymacklin-photo-credit-sarah-coyle Audreymacklin-photo-credit-sarah-coyleKaren Musalo and Audrey Macklin have authored an Op Ed in the Los Angeles Times criticizing Canada's expansion of its Safe Third Country Agreement, which allows it to return asylum seekers to the United States.

They write:

image from www.uchastings.eduThe Safe Third Country Agreement and related policies subvert the obligations to which Canada and the U.S. are subject under international refugee law. They undermine the existing global system of protection. But most tragically, they abandon principle and humanity, and set off a chain reaction that ends up returning refugees to persecution.

The full Op Ed is available here.


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