Saturday, March 18, 2023

Her name is on a pub, a boat and an AI platform. But what happened to the Irish teen who arrived at Ellis Island in 1892?

Statue of Annie Moore and her brothers on the quayside in Cobh, Ireland.

Statue of Annie Moore and her brothers in IrelandCourtesy of Wikimedia Commons

An interesting clo9sing story to St. Patrick's Day from CNN

Annie Moore was the first immigrant who walked through the doors when Ellis Island opened more than 130 years ago. These days, there are statues of her in Ireland and at the historic US site. Her name is on a pub in New York Citya National Park Service boat and even an AI platform that aims to help match refugees with communities where they can resettle.

CNN reports on the story of Annie Moore, her descendants, and a play about her life.  It is a rich and fun story.



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