Monday, March 27, 2023

Death on the Border Continues: Migrants Die in Train Car, Found in Uvalde, Texas

In 2022, Uvalde, Texas was the site of a horrendous school shooting.  On a more commonplace note as migrants on a daily basis die on the U.S./Mexico border, CNN reported over the weekend that two migrants were found dead in a shipping container on a train the authorities stopped east of Uvalde, Texas. One other person was left in serious condition and another in critical condition.

In a news release, Uvalde police said they “received a 911 phone call from an unknown third-party caller advising there were numerous undocumented immigrants ‘suffocating’ inside of a train car.” The Border Patrol stopped the train northeast of Uvalde.  17 people were found on the train; 15 men and two women. 




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