Friday, March 10, 2023

Belonging Barometer

Nichole Argo and Hammad Sheikh have jointly created a Belonging Barometer as a tool to empirically measure the components of belonging. The relationship between belonging and health, democracy, and intergroup relationships in family, work, and community is studied using the tool.  Policy interventions are suggested based on the data from the report.

The report describes its purposes and proposed uses of the tool in this way:

One purpose of this report is to call attention to belonging as a factor that matters deeply for leaders and stakeholders across diverse sectors. We make the case for including belonging in the design and implementation of programs and policies across all areas of life in the United States. A second purpose is to propose a nuanced new tool for measuring belonging—the Belonging Barometer—that is robust, accessible, and readily deployable in the service of efforts to advance the common good. As with any new tool, it is our hope that the Belonging Barometer can and should be refined and improved upon over time. We offer it up to changemakers across the world and welcome feedback and collaboration.

Key findings from the report:

  • Belonging is measurably multifaceted
  • Belonging is vital for American society
  • A majority of Americans report non-belonging in the workplace, their community, or the nation. Socioeconomic factors are strongly associated with levels of reported belonging across spheres of life. Other factors include age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, and immigration status in some settings.
  • Belonging and diversity are interdependent, with Americans who have friends from other races or living in multiracial neighborhoods feeling a greater sense of belonging and more openess to continuing demographic change. Unfortunately, many Americans lack these kinds of relationships.

The overall recommendation of the report is to recognize that belonging is attainable. Policy interventions can be designed to cultivate improved outcomes on the belonging barometer.

Over Zero, Center for Inclusion and Belonging, American Immigration Council worked together to produce the report. 


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