Thursday, February 9, 2023

Call for Applications for Immigration Postdocs at Cornell Law Immigration Law and Policy Research Program

headshot of Steve Yale-Loehr

From Stephen Yale-Loehr 
Professor of Immigration Law Practice, Cornell Law School:

"Hi all: We have two great postdocs in our immigration law and policy research program at Cornell Law School.  One has written an article on immigration federalism that has been accepted by Duke Law Journal;  the other has written an article on private refugee sponsorship models that will be published in the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal.  They have also both coauthored several op-eds.

We are looking for another person who is as talented as our two current postdocs.  Attached is a job posting for a one-year immigration postdoc position at Cornell Law School.  The same info is also available online at  The new postdoc will start this summer.

If you know any potential applicants or other lists, please forward.  Thanks, Steve Yale-Loehr"


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