Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Los Angeles Has Selected Six Finalists to Design a Memorial to the 1871 Chinese Massacre.

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The Chinatown War

Sadly, we have seen too much hate violence in recent days, with Monterey Park a tragic example.  

Unknown to many, if not most, Angelenos, the Chinese Massacre of 1871 occurred in what is now downtown Los Angeles.  The event in brief:  "In October 1871, a simmering, small-scale turf war involving three Chinese gangs exploded into a riot that engulfed the small but growing town of Los Angeles. A large mob of white Angelenos, spurred by racial resentment, rampaged through the city and lynched some 18 people before order was restored. In The Chinatown War, Scott Zesch offers a compelling account of this little-known event, which ranks among the worst hate crimes in American history."

The City of Los Angeles is commissioning a monument to the victims of the massacre and has selected six finalists to design the 1871 Chinese Massacre Memorial.



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