Thursday, January 5, 2023

Immigration @ AALS: Awards Ceremony


Immigration @ AALS continued today with the AALS Awards Ceremony.

Kevin Johnson (Davis) was honored with the inaugural Michael A. Olivas Award for Outstanding Leadership in Diversity and Mentoring in the Legal Academy. Anthony Verona (Seattle) introduced the award and Kevin. As Verona noted, the committee received "many, many" nominations for this award. The committee, however, was unanimous in choosing to honor Kevin with this award, whom he described as "an extraordinary mentor, a trusted advisor, a courageous champion, a bold leader, a fierce advocate for diversity... brilliant scholar, gifted teacher, devoted friend." Kevin received a well-deserved standing ovation from the room. Kevin's acceptance speech focused on the wonderful mentoring he received from Michael Olivas.


In addition to Kevin, Michelle Pistone (Villanova) got a shout out for her work with the Section on Technology, Law, and Legal Education -- a co-winner of the Section of the Year award.

AND... I found myself perusing the awards ceremony pamphlet list of 2022 Teachers of the Year. I spotted many an immprof in that cohort! Give a round of applause for:

Congratulations to all!


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