Monday, December 19, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Stays Court Order Ending Title 42 Order


Official Photo of U.S., Supreme Court Building

Kelsey Reichmann of the Courtroom News Service reports that:

"A group of Republican-led states won a stay from the Supreme Court [minutes ago today], stopping the Biden administration from unraveling an immigration policy that was intended to slow the spread of coronavirus. 

Signed by Chief Justice John Roberts, the order entered just before 5 p.m. contains no accompanying opinion. It directs the secretary of Homeland Security to submit a response brief within 24 hours.

The legal battle over Title 42 began with a challenge by immigration advocates. A federal judge ultimately struck down the policy as `arbitrary and capricious,' but the Biden administration secured a delay that in turn inspired a challenge from 19 conservative-led states. Arizona, Louisiana, Texas and the others have sought an emergency order to stop the administration from reopening the border. The D.C. Circuit rejected the states' appeal Friday, propelling the states to apply to the Supreme Court [today] for emergency relief."

Click here for background on the case from SCOTUSBlog.


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