Friday, December 9, 2022

An Invisible Population: Black Undocumented Students


The latest issue of Diverse Issues in Higher Education includes an article on the "invisible" population of Black undocumented students.  The article quotes Professor Kayon Hall:  “Black and undocumented students are socially and politically left out of the conversation.”   An assistant professor of higher education administration at Kent State, Hall recently published an article in the Journal of First-Generation Student Success about the experiences of Black undocumented students.  The article highlights the ways higher education has excluded them from immigration discourse and support.

Here is the abstract of the article:

"A growing number of first-generation undocu/DACAmented students are present on college campuses who come from various racial and ethnic groups. Research examining the educational experiences of first-generation undocu/DACAmented Black students has been largely absent despite their presence on college campuses. Universities are spaces that perpetuate epistemic injustice, yet how epistemic injustice impacts the lives of undocumented Black students is unexamined. This
qualitative study explores how higher education faculty, staff, and administrators render undocumented Black students invisible as narrated through their stories. Findings suggest that undocumented Black students are hidden in plain sight and face identity-related challenges. This research sheds light on a population that is woefully understudied and alerts higher education and student affairs (HESA) faculty and professionals to the existence and realities of undocumented Black students."


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