Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Politico: "A Flood of Venezuelan Migrants Is Angering Other Venezuelans"


Tony Frangie Mawad for Politico offers thoughts on conflict between recent Venezuelan immigrants and Venezuelan-Americans in the United States.  

It begins with the story of Yoaibimar Daal who made a more-than-3,000-mile trek from Ecuador, where she was living, through the jungles of Central America to New York City. According to the story, she  "become the most virally known Venezuelan immigrant in America.

In September, Daal stood in Times Square and recorded a video on her phone as she proclaimed “La marginal en Nueva York!”

The story explains that "[i]n Venezuelan slang, la marginal roughly translates as `ghetto woman . . . ,'",” The video went "viral on YouTube, but not everyone was celebrating with her. Indeed, many Venezuelans living in the United States mocked her for her less-educated pronunciation."

The story offers some reactions to Venezuelan Americans:

“Now I understand why the United States is closed for Venezuelans,” a man tweeted with a subsequent video of Daal dancing in the subway. A Venezuelan worker at O’Hare International Airport tweeted another video of Daal dancing salsa in Times Square captioned with “The Statue of Liberty left the group.” “Are these [the Venezuelans] the US Embassy gives visas to?” a woman asked. “And they deny it to the Decent Venezuela that just wants to vacation?”

"Daal’s videos (she has posted more than 110 of them) have brought into the open the tensions and class prejudices between some of the 500,000 Venezuelans in the U.S. — many of them well-off and conservative — that had arrived mostly by plane in earlier migration waves and the poorer and undocumented wave (known collectively as the “Venezuelans who crossed the Darien” because of a notoriously perilous spot on the Panama border through which they had to pass) that started crossing into the U.S. in 2021. But the internecine anger between some long-time residents and the new arrivals is complementing the political frustration conservative Venezuelans feel toward the Biden administration . . . ."


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