Monday, November 28, 2022

New York Times Reporting Highlights the Immigrant Exclusions from Biden's Marijuana Pardons

Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Michael D. Shear of the New York Times highlight the immigrant exclusions from President Biden's recent marijuana pardons in an article published yesterday.

The article also discusses the impact of state prosecutions of marijuana offenses on immigrants, featuring Kenault Lawrence, who immigranted legally but was deported after two misdemeanor convictions for marijuana in Virginia. Lawrence is part of the #ChanceToComeHome campaign. Although he has been reunited with his family in the U.S. he still faces removal proceedings because of marijuana-related convictions. 

The article also cites to a letter, available here, written to President Biden by "dozens of civil and immigrant rights groups" that underscores concerns about the failure of the pardons to reach Black and Brown communities most impacted by overpolicing and mass incarceration.


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