Friday, October 28, 2022

Webinar: Pandemic and Anti-Asian Hate (November 11, 2022)

Several online events will be offered as part of the 30th Anniversary Conference of the International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas (ISSCO) “Diasporic Futures: Sinophobia, Techno-Political Strife, and the Politics of Care” that takes place in-person at UC Berkeley's Asian American Research Center on November 11-12, 2022. While in-person registration is closed, registration is free and available for virtual events. Among the highlights:

9:30 - 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Symposium: “The Pandemic and Anti-Asian Violence in the U.S.”
Zoom Webinar | Register here (free)

  • Moderator: Henry DER, Volunteer Coordinator, CAA Oral History Project

  • Speakers:  

    • Russell JEUNG, Professor of Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University

    • John WALSH, Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine, University of Massachusetts

    • Cynthia CHOI, Co-Executive Director, Chinese for Affirmative Action, San Francisco

5:00 - 6:15 PM Pacific Time

Keynote and Welcome
Zoom Webinar | Register here (free)

  • Introduction: Lok SIU, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, UC Berkeley, and Chair of the Asian American Research Center

  • Welcoming Remarks by 

    • Raka RAY, Professor of Sociology and Dean of Social Sciences, UC Berkeley

    • LIN Rupeng, Professor and Chairman of Jinan University Council, Guangzhou, China

    • LI Minghuan, Distinguished Professor, Academy of Overseas Chinese, Jinan University, and ISSCO President

    • WANG Gungwu, University Professor at the National University of Singapore; Emeritus Professor, Australian National University; and ISSCO Founding President

  • Keynote: Mae M. NGAI, Lung Family Professor of Asian American Studies and Professor of History, Columbia University, and author of The Chinese Question: The Gold Rushes and Global Politics


9:00 - 10:30 AM Pacific Time

Symposium: “Racial Profiling and Discrimination against Chinese American Scientists and Engineers”
Zoom Webinar | Register here (free)

  • Moderator: The Honorable Lillian K. SING, Retired Judge, San Francisco Superior Court

  • Speakers: 

    • Gang CHEN, Carl Richard Soderberg Professor of Power Engineering, MIT 

    • Xiaoxing XI, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Physics, Temple University

    • Sherry CHEN, Hydrologist, US National Weather Service

    • Dr. Jeremy S. WU, Founder of APA Justice, Washington, D.C., formerly with U.S. Census Bureau and the Departments of Transportation, Energy, and Agriculture

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