Friday, October 28, 2022

RICE launch event on belonging

RICE Launch flyer 10-7-2022 white

On Friday, November 18 (11:20-12:20pm), the Center for Race, Immigration, Citizenship and Equality (RICE) at the University of California Hastings College of Law will offer a panel discussion that will focus on the theme of “othering and belonging.” It will feature scholars whose research and teaching illuminate the value of taking an intersectional, interdisciplinary, or comparative approach to the topic, with an emphasis on racial equality and integration. Speakers include: Professor Irene Bloemraad, UC Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative; Professor Raquel Aldana, UC Davis Global Migration Center and Davis Law; Professor Hiroshi Motomura from UCLA Law and the Center for Immigration Law & Policy; and Professor Tomas Jimenez, Stanford University Sociology and Center for Comparative Race and Ethnicity / Immigration Policy Lab. The event will be open to the UC Hastings community inperson; it will be livestreamed for the broader immprof community.

This event will serve as the launch for the center, which is established by ImmigProf blogger Prof. Ming H. Chen. Stay tuned for more events, including a spring 2023 colloquium series.

RSVP here: RICE Conference | UC Hastings Law | San Francisco

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