Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Raul Reyes: Ugly immigration rhetoric has deadly consequences


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In 2019, the nation learned that a suspect in mass shootings of Latina/os in El Paso had a "manifesto" with language mirroring President Trump's anti-immigrant rants.

More recently, the governors of Texas and Florida have demonized migrants in harsh terms and transported them to "sanctuary" jurisdictions.  Not surprisingly, hate crimes follow.  Late last week, J. David Goodman for the New York Times reported that two migrants were shot, one of them fatally, by two men who approached them along a roadway in West Texas. One of the men arrested is the warden at a local detention center.

Raul Reyes on The Hill looks at the investigation of the Texas migrant shooting, He notes that the "incident is troubling on several levels. It reflects the fact that inflammatory rhetoric can have deadly consequences. This type of violence is the logical, tragic outcome of dehumanizing and demeaning migrants."  (bold added).



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