Monday, September 19, 2022

Poll Indicates Latino Voters Still Lean Left

The growing size and diversity of Latino voters makes them an important constituency in the November 2022 elections, where control of Congress is at stake. In the Senate, Latinos make up 20% of voters in Arizona and Nevada. In the House, Latinos also make up 20% registered voters in races in Colorado, Florida, and Texas.

A New York Times poll found that Latino voters lean toward the Democratic party, 56% Dem to 32% Rep (12% declined to choose). Overall, they believe Democrats represent the working class while Republicans represent the elite and hold some undesirable views on issues of concern. 

NYT poll parties - immprof blog

However, their level of support for Democrats has declined since the years prior to the 2020 election (there was selectively increased support for Republicans in 2020). Economic issues have become more important to Latino voters than societal issues -- such as crime, immigration, and climate policy -- and, on the economy, Latino voters are nearly evenly split on which party they agree with more, 43% Dem, 41% Rep. The weakening support is especially strong among younger male Hispanic voters in the South.

NYT poll issues - Immprof

The poll is based on oversampled responses from 522 of 1,399 registered voters nationwide from September 6-14, 2022. (Technical details of the poll here.)


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