Friday, September 30, 2022

Migrants endure retaliation at U.S. detention center, say advocates

Morgan Lee for the Los Angeles Times reports that "[m]igrants held by U.S. authorities at a detention center in rural New Mexico have endured retaliation rather than aid after reporting unsanitary conditions at the government-contracted jail, a coalition of civil rights advocacy groups said . . . ."

A public letter (for excerpts from the letter, see here) signed this week by at least a dozen migrants within the Torrance County Detention Facility describes broken plumbing, insect infestations, insufficient access to medical care and rationed bottles of drinking water. A companion complaint to the office of civil rights at the Department of Homeland Security documents retaliation, including restrictions on access to legal representation and a falsified accusation of misconduct against an immigrant.

The new complaint adds to concerns raised in August by the coalition — which includes the American Civil Liberties Union, Innovation Law Lab and El Paso, Texas-based Justice for Our Neighbors — drawing on information from interviews with scores of migrants at the center. The Torrance County Detention Facility is privately operated by CoreCivic for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold migrants.


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