Saturday, September 24, 2022

Immigration, crime propel Europe's move to right, analysts say


Photo from Brexit Campaign Courtesy of Don Roth

News from across the pond.   In Europe, political analysts point to Sweden and Italy as possible harbingers of a political mood shift across the continent driven by a growing wariness of immigrants as well as anger over crime.  Melissa Rossi for Yahoo! News reports that

"The startlingly strong performance of the far-right Sweden Democrats in this month’s Swedish parliamentary elections and polls showing that the nationalist Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d'Italia) party is poised for victory in this weekend’s contests in that country have both been spurred by those two issues, analysts told Yahoo News.

`ang violence in Sweden was the issue in the election,' said Gunilla Herolf, a researcher at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs who specializes in European integration. It’s a problem, she added, that is weighing on every Swede. `Some are furious. Some are just terribly upset.'”


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