Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Conferrence (UC Davis): Lessons Learned and Ways Forward for the Economics and Politics of Refugee Integration


Location:  King Hall (UC Davis School of Law)

Symposium: "Lessons learned and ways forward for the economics and politics of refugee integration"

October 14, 2022, School of Law, UC Davis

To attend, please register here by October 5th

Jointly sponsored by

  • Economic Assimilation Research Network (Innovation Fund Denmark),
  • UC Davis Global Migration Center
  • UC Davis Aoki Center for Critical Race and Nation Studies

Academic Organizers: Prof. Raquel Aldana, Prof. Mette Foged, Prof. Giovanni Peri.

This workshop brings together the research of world-renowned scholars from economics, politics and law to understand the complex issues related to the integration, policies and politics relative to refugees in the world.

  • In the morning session, economists will present the results of evaluations of policies on the economic success of refugees and their children and a panel will discuss what we have learned from recent research and policy experience;
  • In the afternoon session, in a comparative approach that considers refugees in the US, at the US-Mexico Border and other refugees crisis in Latin America political scientists and law scholars will analyze aspects related to different legal and political responses of receiving countries to refugees inflow.
  • Click here for the conference agenda.



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