Sunday, September 18, 2022

"A Sadistic Immigration Stunt"


I find that this article by Tom Nichols in the Atlantic helped explain my visceral reaction to the much-publicized efforts by the Texas and Florida governors to transport migrants north

"Ron DeSantis’s hideous political stunt is a reminder that the GOP’s policies are no longer about achieving results, but gratifying the basest impulses of MAGA voters."

He concludes his commentary as follows:

"I am against illegal immigration. But I am against the intentional tormenting of other human beings—especially children—even more. If my choice is the current mess or an immigration system run by ruthless opportunists such as Ron DeSantis—a man dancing on a chain while Tucker Carlson cranks the racist street organ—it’s not even close: I’ll stick with what we have. And I will never support anything, in any way, that runs the risk of handing power to people like DeSantis or his MAGA base."


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