Thursday, August 18, 2022

WaPo Short Video Re: Pregnant Ukrainian Refugee

If you like super short video clips for class, this one is interesting. It's only a minute and a half long!

The video gives a very brief introduction to one Ukrainian woman, seven months pregnant, who fled the country's war. It doesn't explain, among other things: (1) why she traveled to the U.S. via Mexico, (2) why she went through 8 countries before the U.S., (3) where her husband is, (4) how it is that her older daughter is with her, (5) what role the Temple Emanu-El synagogue played in her journey. You could treat this video like a fill-in-the-blank exam after completing your work on refugees and asylees -- asking students to provide likely answers to those questions and more.

(And, hey, some of the questions are answered by this, longer, 8:30 min. video.)


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