Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Gallup: U.S. Immigration Views Remain Mixed and Highly Partisan

News from Gallup.  Really the news confirms what many already knew.

A Gallup poll in July shows that

"The U.S. remains highly fractured over immigration policy, with 27% of Americans saying immigration should be increased, 31% preferring that it be kept at the current level and 38% wanting it decreased.

While today's attitudes are generally in line with the close division of views seen over the past several years, they mark a return to more Americans wanting immigration decreased rather than increased. That has been the norm throughout Gallup's history of polling on this since 1965. . . .

With a large majority of Republicans wanting immigration decreased, half of Democrats wanting it increased and independents somewhere in the middle, the country as a whole is sharply torn on the issue." (bold added).


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