Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Coming soon: Oxford Handbook of Comparative Immigration Law

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Immigration Law is perhaps the first book-length treatment of the subject of comparative immigration law. The project will bring together some of the world’s leading immigration and comparative legal scholars to identify and analyze the key issues of comparative immigration law, further define the field, and catalyze further research. The handbook will provide scholars, students, and practitioners with a broader set of ways to think about immigration law and policy.

According to the Table of Contents, the volume will commence with a section on theoretical and conceptual frameworks for studying immigration comparatively, including viewing immigration as economics, law enforcement, foreign relations, racial control, and administrative law. The cross-cutting issues in inclusion include visa policies, refugee laws, family and employer-sponsored immigration, alienage, and integration. Exclusionary policies such as border security, deportation processes, detention, and statelessness are also included. Within each section, comparisons are made across a sweeping set of countries in the United States, to the UK and European Countries (France, Germany), to Israel and the Middle East, to China and East Asia, to Latin America, and to subsaharan Africa among others.  Authors hail from universities just as global in reach. 

The collection, edited by Kevin Cope (University of Virginia), Stella Burch Elias (University of Iowa), and Jill Goldenziel (Marine Corps University), is a collaborative project. Contributors will be workshopping their chapters this weekend at the University of Virginia Law School and preparing for publication in XXX.

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