Monday, August 8, 2022

Caitlin Dickerson For Atlantic Exposes Secret History of Trump Administration’s Family-Separation Policy


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Scholars will be studying the immigration measures of the Trump administration for generations.  The heartless family separation policy will long be a milestone in inhumanity.  In a report for The Atlantic, Caitlin Dickerson provides a detailed account of the policy, called Zero Tolerance: 

"Her reporting also reveals that U.S. officials misled Congress, the public, and the press, and minimized the policy’s implications to obscure what they were doing; that separating immigrant children from their parents was not a side effect of the policy, but its intent; that almost no logistical planning took place before the policy was initiated; that instead of working to reunify families after parents were prosecuted, officials worked to keep families apart longer; and that the architects of the legislation will likely seek to reinstate it, should they get the opportunity. The investigation, `We Need To Take Away Children,' is online now in English and Spanish."


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