Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Attention Empirical Researchers: DOL's Employment-based Immigration Data


Immprof Lenni Benson (NYLS) recently introduced me to this truly epic resource for empirical researchers: The U.S. Department of Labor's collection of employment-based data.

As the DOL characterizes the data, you'll find:

  • Selected statistics providing cumulative quarterly data by major immigration program;
  • Cumulative quarterly and fiscal year releases of program disclosure data; and
  • Historical fiscal year annual program and performance report information.

Y'all... there is SO. MUCH. DATA.

You want to see who's filing and getting PERM approvals? Done.

You want to see who's filing and getting H1Bs? H2As? H2Bs? E3s? It's all there.

Now, fair warning: The downloadable Excel spreadsheets are so huge just one pretty much took down my work laptop. But for those of you data monsters out there, I've no doubt you're prepared to take this on, dive into the information, and come out with an absolutely fascinating story that I, for one can't wait to read.

Happy digging!


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