Saturday, July 16, 2022

Sothern Poverty Law Center: "Cadre of Nativist Groups, Figures Have Long Pushed Replacement-by-Immigration Ideas into Mainstream"


As has been posted on this blog, the Great Replacement Theory, the theory that whites are being replaced by people of color, has ben gett8ing sustained media attention in the wake of the horrible mass murders of African Americans in Buffalo, by a gunman who adhered to the theory.  Politifact recounted that "[a]n online screed linked to the 18-year-old man arrested for killing 10 people in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket repeatedly referenced the racist and anti-semitic "great replacement theory." 

But the great replacement theory is not only promoted by fringe groups.  Caleb Kieffer in a report for for the Southern Poverty Law Center observes that 

"[f]or decades, a network of . . . nativist groups and their political allies have advanced ideas resembling a `great replacement' purred on by immigration, as seen in materials associated with the suspect alleged to be responsible for the mass shooting at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket on May 14.

The Buffalo suspect cited immigration as a key driver of alleged white displacement in the U.S. in a document circulated online before he allegedly killed 10 people in an act of white supremacist violence. A network of anti-immigrant groups and their political allies have worked to keep this once-fringe `great replacement' conspiracy theory alive by pushing a version of it focused on immigration."

Democracy Now! also reports that the so-called Great Replacement conspiracy theory has been promoted by major far-right media figures including Tucker Carlson of Fox News. “What it does is create a dynamic where believers view immigrants and nonwhite people as an existential threat not only to themselves physically but to their position in society,” says Nikki McCann Ramírez, associate research director at Media Matters for America, who has researched how Carlson uses his show to launder white nationalist ideology. 



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